Its weird to not have a name so feel free to call me “Jan” in this blog.

I started my sociology PhD program in 2011 in some university in the United States. I am quickly learning that I do not know anything and that graduate school is not “College 2.0.” I want to remain completely anonymous so that I can write about (potentially sensitive) graduate school topics and issues. I am on an international student visa so I can also give insights for international students who are thinking about going into sociology since there aren’t many blogs that write about that.  I will try to update this blog every 1 or 1.5 weeks.

Random facts about me:

  • I am from a developing country and its always interesting for me to contrast how attitudes in spending between Americans  and people from developing countries.
  • I am a pretty motivated student and think about school a lot. I don’t understand people who aren’t and I don’t try to understand.
  • I’m passionate about my research and if it wasn’t for my international student visa, I would already be working for a nonprofit that deals with my population of interest.
  • I love reading about international politics but I’m not very interested in forming my own theories about it.
  • I am a pretty friendly person but I tend to see things in black and white. So its usually I like you or I don’t like you.
  • I have been told by my family that I am too straight-forward. This might have something to do with certain cultures (certainly mine) where people don’t say things directly–for example, if I wanted you to give me money, I would say “I wish I had some money right now”, instead of the direct way of “I want you to give me money.”
  • I find it frustrating that some people take their classes for granted and do other things (i.e. watch TV shows, video-chatting and do other work) during class. Someone else who actually cares about class could be sitting where they are and contributing to the class discussion. Education, especially higher education, is a privilege.
  • My biggest fear is that I will have to leave the country due to my international student status and leave my family and honey. So I am trying to be the best student that I can be so I can get a job and stay in the US. (EDIT: Honey said I don’t have to worry about this, so I guess its a relatively minor fear now!)

To potential sociology applicants, current graduate students or past graduate students, I hope to give meaningful insights into the unknown that is graduate school. Special props to international students who are pursuing graduate degrees!


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