Fourth semester of grad school has started


I’ve been busy studying for my methods qualifier all of winter break. Its been kind of sucky since no one was in town from my program and my apartment was freezing (damn you, winter!). I hung around coffee shops and basically bought a heater for my office so I could work in it and not freeze to death 🙂 I also relented and bought one for the house for the times that I’m home.

I’m studying completely different for this qualifier than before. Now I have studied off 2 books and been taking notes. I just finished reading all the methods chapters that I needed and now testing myself on the material, and making notecards for the terms that I don’t know quite as well. I feel already twice more prepared to take this qualifier than before. I’m taking the test in 2 weeks so hopefully I will be prepared for it this time around.

Updates on personal life.. 

  • Honey and I are definitely planning to move in together this summer. Its just been hard because he is a creature of habit and he wants me to move in with him because its the easier option for him…Money is really not an obstacle for us and I want us to move into “our” place rather than “his” place. Another reason why is because his apt is far from public transportation (there is a bus but it comes every hour or so) and I don’t want to buy a car right now since I can’t afford it. He said he could help me with the cost but I’m thinking about the long-term cost of having a car and that its not worth it for me to get one if I cannot afford it on my own in the long run. I can afford it if I rent a room instead of an apartment but right now I don’t want to. He is also super picky about his living situation since he grew up middle-class so there are so many things he “needs” in his apartment even though we will only be living there for a year. For me, I’m okay with any housing as long as its warm and comfortable, has four walls, and a roof. I also want to save money on our combined housing.. We’ll see where it takes us 🙂 
  • My older sister got denied her student visa to the US twice and now she is back in our home country to work on details of immigrating to Canada instead. Its not ideal and she will still be a good 12+ hours away from us but at least we would be closer to one another (at least in the same timezone). Perhaps later on she can find work here in the US..
  • I’m almost done paying my vacation debt!! It was a long 6 months and it felt like forever to pay it off, but I’m so proud that I’m so close to being done!! I can finally start saving up money for other things (maybe my future car or maybe even a tablet). I don’t regret the 4 vacations I took this past summer since I knew that was going to be the last summer where I did fun things (i.e. go to Puerto Rico, go to Chicago, go on two vacations with my boyfriend) but damn, was it a bitch to pay it all back off.
  • I emailed this consulting firm about doing a summer internship with them and the director replied to me and asked me when I wanted to do the interview. I told her I could interview around Feb since my qualifer is around that time… She hasn’t emailed me back yet but I will harass her about that during my qualifier is done.. A colleague said they pay for the internship so hopefully that is the case. Being an international student, I don’t get to have as many summer opportunities as my citizen colleagues, but hopefully this one will lead to a full-time position and I can work with them every summer. That way, I can be close to my family during the summer and take a break from university state–university state can be irritating at times..

Here are some pictures to compensate you for your time of reading all these words 🙂


Got to go do more studying and finishing up summer internships!



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