Grad school is hard :(


Its been awhile since I wrote here.. I’m taking a break from my work. I just finished a 15-page take home midterm and grading for the class I TA for. I still have a bunch of books to read tonight–luckily the midterm is the only thing I have for classes. Next week is a book review for a class so I have to read 2 books this week and write about it.

Some grad school updates: 

  • I submitted an abstract for a conference! Hopefully I get accepted.
  • I decided to write a Master’s thesis. My goal is to finish it by Fall 2013.
  • I decided to take an extra class next fall semester. Its going to be freagin’ expensive. Goodbye, money 😦
  • I decided not to take a class next semester that will supposedly help me with my comprehensive exam. I just don’t want to deal with the professor. He is a nice guy but our writing style clashes, he assigns a lot of busy work that will really not prepare me for the comprehensive exam, and I don’t like his teaching style. It drives me crazy. It is annoying because we actually liked each other initially and then somehow, things just didn’t work out between us. And I’m okay with that, actually. Luckily I don’t have to work with just him.
  • I am working on two papers this semester and I feel more confident about them as time goes on.
  • I also did not fail (completely) my statistics exam! I didn’t super great, but I didn’t bomb it like last semester. Luckily the statistics we are learning is not the statistics I will end up using as a sociologist. I am aiming to just pass the class and be done with stats courses!
  • I’m excited for my classes next semester. I have been waiting for this one class for 1.5 years now and I can finally take it next sem 🙂

I visited my old college this weekend with the honey. My younger sister is going there so we stayed with her. I still have friends there and it was super nice to catch up with them.  Now I have to catch up with a ton of work, but it will work out eventually.

I miss my college because of the type of students that go there. They go there because they care about learning and their education.  The undergrads at my current university break down is 1/3 of them care about school, 1/3 care, but don’t put enough effort and a 1/3 don’t give a rat’s ass. I could see myself working in my old college while I was working on my dissertation. It has the right atmosphere, the kind of students I want to work with, and its in the middle of nowhere, which would force me to work on my dissertation a lot.

I was telling my honey that I may work at my old college when I’m ABD, after I’m done with all my requirements. (One thing you have to know about him is that he is a horrible planner. He cringes every time I talk about our possible moving in together this summer.) When I brought up working there, he said he could plausibly work in a nearby hospital. I was surprised and warmed that he wanted us to be together in the future. We are serious about each other but it always warms my heart when he thinks about our future together.

Speaking of which, the honey and I have been spending more nights together on the weekdays. Before my September breakdown, I wanted to focus on work on the weekdays so I wanted to see him only on the weekends. After the breakdown, I told him I wanted to see him more and so we have been staying at each other’s places 2-3 times a week now. I don’t like the feeling of needing somebody in my life because I feel that I’m an independent person–but there’s also no shame in acknowledging that I need as much support as I can.

I’ve also been going back and forth on moving in together with him. I know, I know, its still 9 months away, but I think in terms of five-year plans.. I really like my apartment right now. Its cheap, great location, and I doubt I will find another apt that is close to it price-wise. The honey is guaranteed to be University State only for 2 more years while I have to be here for another 3 years (and its not negotiable).  So if I moved in with him next year, I might plausibly have to move twice in 2 years. I’ll have months to think about this but I’m just weighing the pros and cons here.  I love spending time with him but I feel like I can’t really focus on my work when he’s around because I just want to do fun things with him all the time!

Its going to be really hectic for the next 8 weeks. I hope I can take a breath to update this!


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