Research updates


Research Project #1: Its going super well. I’ve just collected the minimum number of interviews I wanted for the summer and now the data processing process begins. I have around 20 interviews with at least 3-4 hours necessary for each interview, so you do the math 🙂

My latest interview was at 7AM so I’m still pretty sleepy actually. Im thinking of going back to bed for a few more minutes since I feel tired and unmotivated to work.


I’m gonna try my best to finish as much of it as possible before school starts but its hard when I am working for my professor part time, making my schedule work for honey (this is one of the months where he works 60-70 hours a week so his days off are few and rare) and I’m trying to keep myself healthy and active. I’ll just have to try my hardest.

Research Project #2: I haven’t really done much with this since Proj #1 gets so much of my time. I’m gonna do some work today for my professor that will coincidentally help me with this so wish me luck.

I think I’m going back to bed.. So sleepy..


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