Puerto Rico trip


I just came back about a week ago from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I spent a wonderful week there by myself (YES, by myself) and I didn’t realize what a luxury this was until most people pointed out how brave I was to do it. I also didn’t realize how life-changing traveling would be.

When my friends said they either didn’t have the time, the money or the motivation to travel, not going was not an option. I just didn’t want to wait anymore to see the world. My goal is to see as many countries as my age (I am 23 right now so.. 20 more countries to go!)

Right now I’m staying in my family’s state and going back to University state on Sunday. So far its been so lovely to see old friends and spend time with the family. I love my family =)

Here are some pictures of my adventure: 

Isla Verde Beach


Sand castle that I made on the beach 🙂


El Morro fort


Love the colorful buildings =D


Nacional Galeria


Famous Puerto Rican dish: mofongo with criollo sauce


View of the beach from the San Cristobal fort.


I discovered the wonders of Bacardi from the Bacardi Rum Factory tour in Catano!


I love this photo..


Found this adorable cat sleeping in a jewelry store..


I went to El Yunque!


That’s me getting pummeled by the La Mina falls


At the La Cueva Ventana


I’m going back to work next week.. and then after 2 more weeks, I’m going to Chicago for a week to see my friends. Lots of traveling this summer!

I’ll write more about how my research projects are doing in my next post.


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