Research project updates


I’ve been working super hard on Research Project #1.

Every week for 3 weeks, I have been emailing/messaging people to interview for my research project. It takes up a lot of time: every week, I spent about 8-10 hours furiously emailing/messaging organizations and individuals to help me recruit participants. Some have been really helpful while others, not so much. After a lot of hard work, participants started lining up.

Last week I had 5 or 6 interviews.. This week I have 9.  I will gain my minimum number of interviews by the end of the week and I’m going to try to get more while its still summer. I originally wanted about 20 but now that I’m getting more and more interviews, I’m thinking I should take advantage of my free time to get as many interviews as possible. Plus I’m getting recommendations from the interviewees, who upon realizing that I’m not as formal as my recruitment email makes me sound like, are more than eager to help me get more people 🙂

Transcribing all of these interviews will be such a pain in the ass 😦 I transcribed 40 minutes today and it took me 2 hours. I’m sure I’ll get faster with time and as long as I do them slowly, I ‘ll be fine.

I’ve been having software issues with some of my recording set-ups but I think I got it now for the most part. I also ordered Skype’s monthly plan for unlimited calling to landlines and mobiles in the U.S. and Canada for future phone interviews (don’t have that many minutes left).

Today was a good day. The honey got the week off because of his relatively easy schedule this month so we hung out today. It was kind of interesting because it is usually our free time when we spend time together so we don’t work. But since I had 3 interviews lined up at odd times of the day, we didn’t have our normal adventure as usual. I am getting my Wednesday free for him though (I have an interview scheduled but it will be scheduled pretty late). It was nice just to be close to him and spend the day with him. We took multiple naps together and just cuddled.

Even when we’re doing nothing, its still fun ^-^

8 days before my vacation!! 


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