Official first year of graduate school is over!


Sorry for the long delay from posting. It has officially been a week since I finished my first year of graduate school. I visited my old college for a few days in time for graduation and visited honey’s relatives for his nephew’s birthday.  I was exhausted on Monday and started working on Tuesday..

So far I have read four books for fun, caught up with friends I haven’t spoken to in months, started my research and cooked for the first time in 5 months. It has been a great summer so far.

My plans this summer:

  • Refresh my spanish
  • Work on my two research summer projects
  • Decorate my apartment more
  • Read all the books in my apartment
  • Read articles related to research and about sociology in general
Generally that is my plan… I only have 6 weeks of employment with my professor but even for that, I am grateful.  Hopefully I can get some extra income for the summer through odd jobs but if not, its fine. At least my parents are helping me out with the August rent, since I already know I will need help with that now.
Lots of work to do today since I have been chatting with friends for most of the morning.

Here are some pictures from the DSLR as promised: 

The honey loves rocks.


my favorite photo from the test drive..


More tulips

Cool statue 🙂




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