Crazy week


This past week really kicked my butt. I had two papers to do for a course, 2 weeks worth of work for Prof. A, and my friend came over to visit me on Tues – Thurs.  I had forgotten about the work that I had to do for my prof so I scrambled to finish it 20 mins before my meeting with her.

I also met with a Master’s student who is doing research on a topic of interest of mine. She is graduating and basically she wanted me to take over her project, which involves interactions with my population of interest. I’m a bit overwhelmed though because I’m not sure how much work it entails and I know from working with this population, its extremely time-consuming. I’m not sure if I’ll have all of the time to work on it, but hopefully I can at least get some interest..

So far, the work I have left to do for the sem is:

  • 1 paper for course1
  • 2 exams, 1 research paper for course2
  • 1 paper and 1 research paper for course1

Its not that bad when I think about it and I have 7 weeks of school left. I just have to take it a day at a time.


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