“Spring Break”


This week is my spring “break.” In theory, I will spend my days in bed, sleeping and catching up on all the TV shows I’ve missed. In reality, I’m going to use the week to get ahead in my research and work and to do some much needed catch up with my life. Not dramatic things (thank God) but I’ve been wanting to read a couple of books, some for fun, some for research, and this week is the perfect time to do it. I finished one book today and I am going to put some much-needed edits on my IRB tonight. I also need to schedule some appointments as well as return some things that I bought.

Spring break for graduate students just doesn’t mean traveling and going home like it used to in college. I feel a little guilty about not coming home but at the same time, this semester is wrapping up quickly. I have to keep up with its pace and not visiting is going to be worth it. I was looking at my calendar and basically, there’s only about 8 weeks before school ends. Thats freaking crazy and I need to prepare for the onslaught.

For fun, I visited my college university last weekend and it was nice to hang out with people that I could poke fun at and tease. I’m not too close with my classmates yet (though we ARE in a better position than what we were last semester) so it was great to just have people I’m close to to talk to. They also have great Asian food at the restaurants nearby there and I had two dinners with great friends to enjoy it with. It was very relaxing and explains why I’m so refreshed to work today.

I didn’t do so great on the statistics exam. I’m not super at math and my test anxiety showed.  I probably should put more time in it during every week so I’m doubling my efforts to really understand the material and to do more practice problems. Goodbye 3-4 hours every week. 

In the grand scheme of things, there’s not much physical work to hand in anymore. I’m planning to do some papers this week and I’ll be left with 2 research papers and 2 more short papers. I need to quadruple my efforts for the 2 stats exams left. I need to go back to 100% productivity mode in the next 6 weeks. The honey will be quite busy in April and I’m sure I will be thankful for that because its going to be one hell of a ride :S

Spring semester is always like this: its tranquil and quiet for the first 4 weeks and then *bam*: while you’re asleep, it rudely splashes water on your face to wake you up. 

Anyway, I need to take out the trash and start working on the IRB while honey’s still asleep 🙂 I’m letting him nap on my bed for as long as he wants today.


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