Birthdays and more


It was my honey’s birthday yesterday so I surprised him with a game, a box that I knew he would like, and “making” dinner. I put quotation marks on the dinner since I really just “heated” our dinner. He doesn’t like it when I make dinner for us. He is an ultra feminist and “just because I am a woman” doesn’t mean IĀ have to make dinner for us.

I love this man šŸ™‚

Anyway, aside from the disastrous lab result 2 weeks ago, everything is back to normal with Professor A. I’m just glad that I realized it wasn’t me–she was feeling overwhelmed about the conference and was running around like a headless chicken that week. Now things are back to normal and I no longer feel guilty about messing that one up. No one’s perfect and I’m definitely not no one šŸ˜›

I had a statistics exam last week which is why I felt unmotivated to write an entry. I think I did ok–I definitely got two problems wrong, but I’m hoping he is giving me partial credit at least. I also have a paper due next week. I have to get on that today but there’s about 100+ pages of sociological theory to read for this week. I’m gonna try my best to skim through it and start working on the paper. Oh, and just remembered I want to write another paper for my other class. So I have 2 papers to do this week, eeck.Ā 

I got the comments from the IRB back but I haven’t had the time to put them in. I’ll put them in next week after the chaos is done.

Anyway, have to get back to work. Cheers!

I have spring break in a week so I’ll write a longer blog than this.


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