First encounter w/ (TA) failure


Professor Awesome, the professor I work with, has been letting me run her lab section but today’s lab section was a complete and utter fail. 

To start off, the honey ended up leaving my place at 12:30am, I slept at 2:30am and woke up at 6:40am. So I was already disoriented to begin with. I had not run the lab activity on the weekend but I figured I could come early to school and do it (also, Professor A showed me last week how to do it so I figured it wouldn’t be that hard). I came to school one hour early, set up the lab activity, and didn’t have any problems.  Basically what I had to do was help the class input data and run some tests on it using statistical software.

The first problem I encountered was that the results that the class was supposed to input was scattered (it was all hand-written)and I had to sort through them while wasting precious time in class.  There was also two different types of results that I had to sort through PLUS the answers were anonymous. There was a pattern to figure out who’s answers were who but the students never told me until halfway through class. Professor A also had never told me.

The second problem was because I was panicking and because of weird sleeping pattern, I couldn’t think straight and wasn’t able to figure out how to input the class’s data. (This was later solved by me dictating the answers and a student inputting the answers into the software). So, I panicked and went up to Professor A and cried for help 😦

The last problem was that just when Professor A and I were going in, three students were on their way out. She ultimately helped me figure out what I was doing wrong but Professor A was clearly not happy, even irritated. To add to the misery, she was on a strict timeline because she had to pick up her children because of President’s Day, so she was more than irked when I took 20-30 mins of her time (time that she could have spent doing her own work).

I felt horrible since a.) I had been a good TA so far and b.) I felt like I was prepared until we got to the data inputting part. 

Professor A is now making sure I know how to do it for the next time I do it with her other section of the course. I sent her my stuff so I hope its correct. I’m okay with that, but I just feel bad that it seems like  I didn’t prepare for the lab activity, when I totally did.


So frustrating!!


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