Starting my first research project and apartment updates


Getting settled in an apartment significantly takes more time than getting settled in one room. I guess because there is more space to work with I guess. Now that I’m pretty much done organizing, unpacking, decorating, and putting nails on the wall, I can finally focus on my research.

My professor and I were matched in our department, not knowing that we were both interested in Cool Topic. I told my professor about this Population (related to Cool Topic) that I was interested in conduct research with. Professor by chance was interested in finding certain things about the population that I was interested in. So we decided that we would work on this project together. (Sorry for the anonymity of the subject but I’m pretty sure this will be traceable if I put what topics they were).

So, long story short, I am working on the IRB for said research proposal and its very exciting since to the best of our knowledge, no one has done research on it, so there’s a lot of virgin ground to cover.

So first research endeavor, yay!

The IRB is pretty hard since I’ve never done it before and there’s a lot of things that I have to consider in the study design while I’m working on it…But I will get the hang of it and with the help of my professor, I will hopefully finish this by the end of February at the latest.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The other thing that I’m excited about how I’ve gotten used to apartment living 🙂 I really enjoy having my own place.

Things I dont miss about my previous place:

  • Having to wait for my landlady to finish cooking (or cooking earlier so she can use the kitchen later–when she would cook, she would use the *whole* kitchen)
  • Getting barked at when I get home
  • Having to ignore the strong smell of dog in the house
  • Having to be conscious of what I wear in the house (I’ve walked around my apartment with just my underwear and a shirt! A right of passage!)
  • Having to care what time I come home (I previously lived on the 3rd floor and the stairs would always creek, announcing my arrival–even though I live on the 3rd floor still, at least I’m the only one in my apartment)
  • Not having a full fridge to myself (I only had a half-fridge: it was up to my waist)
  • Not being able to cook “smelly” food that I wasn’t sure if my landlady would be comfortable with
  • Not having the house clean (she would only clean the house before a party, which happened about every 3-4 months)
  • Having to ask if I could have friends over.
  • Only having a room to myself.
  • Freezing in my drafty room (Even my honey, who is usually immune to cold gets chills when he used to stay there).
  • Not being able to study because the dogs wanted attention.
  • Not being able to focus because I’m freezing in the room (its an attic).
  • Avoiding going home for as long as possible.
  • Having to take the dogs out so they can pee/poop in the yard.
  • Walking around in the house, knowing that the dog’s walking around in it….Gross.. (I’m a dog lover, so this is something for me to say)

I wasn’t unhappy in my previous place, but I was definitely not happy. Now that I’ve experienced apartment living, I’m glad I don’t live there anymore. She’s a nice person but her house wasn’t the ideal living condition for me.

Everyone thought that I was moving in with my honey. We had discussed it before I got in my program and I would have moved in with him only on the condition if I didn’t get funding from my program. Luckily I was able to get funding and that hasn’t an issue.

I’ve told him how other people have been asking me this, and he’s pretty happy with our living situation. We’re about 15 mins away from each other and about 10 mins from his work place–he has a car and usually he swings by after work to my place or picks me up to go to his place. He is older than me so I guess people (his friends, co-workers, everyone) thought he’d want me to move in with him but he wanted to give me the experience of living on my own. Moving in with him would deter that and I’m super lucky that he doesn’t pressure me to be “up to speed” to his age group, where people are moving in, getting married, and/or having kids.

Speaking of which, my mom is extremely proud that I was able to got my own apartment. She had my older sister at about my age so she never got to experience living on her own without my dad or kids. Sometimes, I think she’s more excited than me hehe. This excitement also permeates to the rest of my family. My aunt, who has never texted me in our nearly decade-long stay in the US, texted me a few days after I’d moved in and how proud she was that I was able to live in an apartment. (I guess I have to clarify that in my culture, multigenerational households are pretty common–most children never move out because of the costs and lack of resources to do so. So its a big thing when someone does move out. At least that’s how I’m rationalizing all this hysteria from my family about getting my own place o_o)

School is going well so far… It is the calm before the storm. I have a research proposal due in two weeks for one of my classes already! I also want to work on two papers at least this week. I’m visiting the honey’s family this weekend and we leave on Friday so I will work hard so I can enjoy (and not feel guilty) being in his family’s company.


EDIT: My next post will be about running a sociology lab as a TA… To be continued!


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