Hello, Spring 2012

I just wanted to write a quick post before honey gets here from work.
Here’s a picture of my guest-ready living room (post-housewarming party)

My lovely living room 🙂

Finally getting into the zone of working again. I read for 7 hours today!! (though in separate blocks of time, not all at once) Also, I’m getting a first hand in Teaching Assistant struggles. A student asked me today what was the point of doing this activity and kind of put me on the spot. I spoke about it with my professor because I really didn’t react the way I should have (I said that you are paying for this course and it will help you with your weekly homeworks due every Friday–not sure how many of them I convinced of this). They also have trouble with the research methods concepts and applying them. I understand its hard material to digest, especially if its your first time understanding it. And with all due respect, my University’s college students aren’t all necessarily from the cream of the crop. At my college, the students would have taken the initiative to understand something if they didn’t when they were reading it.

I had a housewarming party with some select classmates and honey, which was really fun. We played Uno and I won once! I don’t think I’ve ever won Uno either. I’m getting to see who in my cohort is more likely to go to get-togethers and who I know will come to my invites. I’m just learning to live with the fact that not everyone in my cohort wants to see me outside of school. It’s nothing personal 🙂

I got very frustrated with a dresser I bought from Walmart. I’d assembled multiple pieces of furniture before and I have never had a problem…until I bought a $50 dresser from Walmart. Not only was the thing 90 freaking pounds, but the whole structure of it was just designed poorly. Parts were missing or broken and the skeleton of the dresser is so weak and shaky that I wouldn’t even put 1 pair of pants in there. I got very upset since I spent 6 hours assembling it (yes, I am quite stubborn); honey even ended calling me from work (which he never does, ever, because he’s working) to console me. I complained to my mom then too and definitely went to bed frustrated/angry. But now I’m just trying to take it one day at a time, especially with decorating my place…

I’m very impatient so when something doesn’t happen right away or when I want it to happen, its extremely irritating. I swear I’m more mature than I’m making myself sound like 😛

Anyway, I think I can hear honey walking up the stairs.. will give you a better update soon! (Research-related, whee!)


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