Getting settled in


I have been swamped with getting my apartment guest ready. Its been fun, albeit expensive getting the furniture and decorations ready for the house but it has been completely worth it. Slowly and slowly, its starting to look like a home to me.

The only thing I’m waiting for now is my dresser, which is currently residing in my honey’s backseat, a picture frame for a painting that I have and a hook rail for my coat and guest’s coats and my initial home furnishing phase 1 will be done! Whee! My housewarming party is this Sunday so I’m excited 🙂

I watched the Ravens and Patriots game today. I usually don’t watch football but the honey has a slight interest in it so we were cuddling and watching the game after half-time. I have to admit, even though I’m not really interested in sports, the honey took the time to explain the game to me and football was more interesting when you actually know the rules. Imagine that :p

I’ve been realizing how much more work it is to keep an apartment than a room. I find myself cleaning often and how quickly the dishes pile up. I guess because I always washed the dishes right away where I used to live and now that I have my own place, I wash the dishes after 2-3 meals…

There are funny things that happen in my apartment. Every 2-3 hours, the lights will turn on and off for a split millisecond so its not very noticeable.  It can get pretty cold in the apartment during the day but its still a lot better than how cold it was in my old room. The toilet is also a little slow, since I’m in the third floor.

Regardless of all these oddities and somewhat extra work, its been great to feel at home in my home 🙂 

Off to be the TA for my undergraduates =]

Edit: Did my first TA duty and I actually sort of knew what I was doing! I’ll have to do the same thing on Wednesday but now I have a better idea of how to explain the confusing concepts.  Hurray!


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