Winter break and moving



My winter break started on Thursday morning and its been great so far. I went to City Awesome to see a couple of friends and had an awesome time stuffing my face with asian food in Chinatown (Dimsum ftw). I’ve avoided the computer to do other stuff like read books and get my stuff packed for moving. I’m on my third book so far (200 pages to go) so I’ll probably finish sometime this afternoon and then finish packing all my stuff.

Its amazing how psychosomatic my sickness was. My nose is still running but I’m not waking up with gobs of phlegm anymore. Finals stress may not have started my cold (or whatever I had) but it definitely prolonged it.

The honey has been having a horrible time at work this month so I have been avoiding asking him about work. I know pretty much the answer so I don’t see a point in asking him when I already know that it sucked. Unfortunately the work environment is so nasty that he thinks that he might get fired from his job. Hopefully its just an exaggeration and that his evaluators give him a break. We’ll see…

I will be in my family’s state until the first week of January and I have a lot I want to do. I have a ton of stuff in family’s state that I have been hoarding and I really want to get rid of. It sickens me how much stuff I have there (some stuff has been there for years and hae not seen the light of day) and DONT use or need.

My goal this winter break: 

  • Read as many books as possible
  • Review statistics for next semester
  • Donate/sell my stuff in family state
  • Make a scrapbook for the family

I’ll keep the list this time short and feasible. I usually have long lists of things to do during winter break but I will try my best not to overreach.

Until then, I will probably not write until I get back to my school state. So happy holidays ! 


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