9 days left before my first semester of grad school is over


I’m supposed to be practicing my presentation but I wanted to update the blog before I did.

Random observations as a result of finals week

  • Haven’t cooked in 3 weeks (mostly because of Thanksgiving). Though I haven’t been buying takeout–I just have food that I can very easily heat and make, like eggs or sandwiches.
  • Because of my crazy undergraduate career, I’m now so efficient in how I plan my papers and workload during finals week. I used to have 5-6 courses so I would start the work literally a month before finals week (mostly because I had to and would end up sleeping at 4am every night if I didnt). I’m so glad that the skills I’ve learned in college has translated into graduate school.  I finished 2 papers and 1 presentation this past weekend even while I spent the weekend with my distracting honey. Thankfully its cold out now so he’s not inclined to do outdoorsy stuff (though he’s started running in the mornings again) and we’re basically homebound this month. I really needed that.
  • We got the email from our Research methods professor about everyone’s projects. I’m so proud of my cohort–most of the projects sound feasible and could actually turn into a real-life study. There’s 1 or 2 that doesn’t make much sense to me but the rest are great. I’m impressed since I know most of them were complaining about how they didn’t know what they were doing.
  • I only have 1 more presentation, 1 paper (to send), 1 exam and 1 proposal to do! Some work for my professor too, but after that, my first semester of GS is done!

For once, this is *not* me in finals week!

Oh also, random housing developments. I’d been wanting to move out of my current place. I basically rent a room in my landlady’s huge house (6 rooms for 2 people, 2 rooms of which are mine) but lately I’ve been feeling like its time to get a place of my own. Just for clarification, I only rent one room but since I’m the only person living on the 3rd floor, she lets me use the other room for free.

I started looking for a place and a friend offered me her apartment since she has been wanting to move in w/ her boyfriend. Because of extenuating circumstances last year, she ended up signing a year-lease at her current place. We talked about me moving in and last weekend she talked about it with the landlord who is willing to let me move in. He wants me to apply for the apartment and sign a 1-year lease, but I think its really just a formality rather than an actual application. I visited the apartment last week and loved it. The walls are bright yellow, which really affects my mood–my current place right now has dark, dreary pink walls. I never realized how much color affected my mood. I also noticed how warm the apartment was even though it was technically the attic. My current room is freezing in the morning since the house doesn’t heat in the day.  I also love how it doesn’t have a bathroom sink and the ceiling is probably around 6 1/2 ft high. I’m looking forward to those days when I can say “When I was in grad school, I lived in an apartment that didn’t have a bathroom sink and had a ceiling about 6.5 ft high.” I knew there were going to be concessions since the apartment was so darn cheap with utilities (aside from electricity and internet) included and I think I can live without a bathroom sink. In case you’re wondering, there is a kitchen sink and a bathtub so the bathtub will just double as a sink. I also used to brush my teeth in the shower in my previous college so its not like I’m not used to that (though that was a more of a choice–there *were* sinks). There will also be other concessions, like I won’t be able to enjoy the washer and dryer (free laundry!) at the house anymore but at the same time, I am gaining something more than that.

Its like what the honey said–no matter where I live, the place will not be perfect. There will be at least a few things that I won’t be happy about in my living condition. But at the same time, there will be things that will be better in the new place–it just depends on what I am willing to give up and willing to gain.

I’ll post pictures of the apartment once I’ve moved in and everything 🙂

I love this apartment because location-wise and price-wise, its perfect. Its closer to the supermarket and coffee shop that I occasionally go to, a 10-min bus ride to my school and most importantly, I’ll have a place to call my own. I didn’t think I would care so much about this–I even wrote a post in another blog of how it made more sense to rent a room instead of an apartment. But after a long day of writing papers, being in class and working on my professor’s work, I just want to be alone and relax on something other than a chair or a bed. But I don’t like sitting on the couch here because its full of my landlady’s dog’s fur and hair so thats out of the cards.

I’m gonna wait until I’ve submitted the application and the landlord has given his good-to-go before I tell my landlady. I have 30-days notice of when I can leave and since I should get the reply sometime this week, it should be more than enough time.

Another random factoid is that the previous person who lived in the apartment, the person living currently and the person (i.e. ME) who will eventually move in have all been from my department at the school. I thought that was really cute. We called it the “sociology apartment” because of this history. I hope that I can stay there for a long time and then find a future graduate student who will then take m place 🙂

Anyway its high time I practice one or two more times for my presentation and then go to school. Sorry my entries are all about school. I’ll try to write more about other personal things in my next blog.

Note to self: write less nerdy entries.

Yeah!! Can't wait!



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