Finished an outline for a proposal with more work to be done..


Its insane but there is only a month left of school.

The past 2 months have passed by so quickly. I always experience this time-warp whenever I am in school (which has been consistent for the past 8 years, bah), but more so this semester. Maybe because I am more specialized in what I am doing and that I am getting to the nitty-gritty of what type of research I am interested in.

Lets see what this past week brought me:

  • Finished an “outline” (more like a first draft of a lit review, methods and hypothesis section) for my Methods class. Super psyched because my project is slowly coming together. My goal for graduate school is to have at least 1 full paper done every semester.
  • Got a lot of data-entry done for my professor. Boy, I am really starting to hate qualitative research. I guess I’m not really “seeing” the real work of qualitative research but I am definitely seeing from the grunt-work end. Its just so tedious in my opinion. Definitely leaning more towards secondary data analysis and quantitative stuff.
  • Had a get-together with my friends in the City. It was really nice seeing people who a.) were not in my program and didn’t talk about sociology all the time b.) liked drinking beer (not that I am alcoholic–I’m just a social drinker and don’t really drink beer by myself) and c.) utilize the space that I am renting right now. It was a great night and they ended up leaving at around 10pm.
  • Got very social with Boy1. We literally hung out for most of the night because we were both going to a graduate student hangout at a local bar, so he gave me a ride there and offered to give me a ride back to my place. And then I realized that I had left my keys at the graduate lab. Thankfully Boy1 drove me to school and this was all remedied in 10 mins tops. As a thank you for averting a really shitty night, I fed him dinner. He’s really helpful and talkative and it was fun talking until midnight.  Though I get the sense that he has a crush on me.   Having the honey makes me risk-averse to people who have crushes on me. Its a funny feeling to know that someone has a crush on you.  Ironically Boy1 shares a lot of features that the honey has. They both like rocks and video games and are extremely socially awkward 🙂
  • Looked at possible fellowships to apply to but of course I can’t apply for most of them since I’m not a US citizen. Oh well. There are some local ones I can apply to but I am looking forward to the day that I will get at least -the chance- of competing for these awards.

Right now, working on a transcription for the professor. There are administrative rights on the school computers so the staff and I couldn’t download the necessary software but thankfully I realized I could do it at home on my computer. So that’s what I’m gonna be up to tonight. A proposal paper for another class is also due tomorrow but I think I have it done. I am basically using my finished proposal from methods and expanding on my research topic. I like that we can do that in graduate school–I feel like its plagiarism in college but its not the same concept in GS.

Oo and I also ordered a wireless monochrome printer. Its funny, even though graduate students dont make much, since my expenses aren’t that much, I am actually capable of having savings and extra money. I have been lusting for a DSLR and have the perfect one in mind but I think I will wait until the end of the semester to get it. I have to finish some of the reading for tomorrow’s class and then head to dinner with a friend.

Life is good.


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