Midterm+paper hell is over, Cohort improvements, and research progress


2 weeks ago seemed like the most stressful week of my life. I have no idea why I was so stressed out about the two assignments we had due. I have been through much worse in college. I guess because of the fact that it was “grad school” that scared the living beejesus out of me. Anyway, I think I did well on both of them.  We’ll see how that goes probably by this week.

From my complaint on my last post about my cohort being anti-social, I’m glad to say that things have slowly changed for the better. We had a few social gatherings that allowed certain members of the cohort to mingle and socialize. I’ve stopped trying to organize get-together because for whatever reason, people just aren’t that interested in meeting up with me. I’m also enjoying being a participant of the social events rather than the organizer.

On other news, I am finishing up data collection for a research proposal I am working on. I’m glad to say that it has been going smoothly and though I hit a couple of bumps and obstacles on the road I am proud to say that I have gathered the data that I wanted to use. At least part of it anyway. I’m not sure if I want to gather another data source that I was originally thinking about. It seems like the data I have gathered will prove efficient for the research proposal. I guess I will ask advice from professors.

On the good news, I have been talking with professors I have classes for and they have told me that I am “very motivated” and am ahead of my peers. Its funny because I’m not even working at 90% efficiency like usual but I guess my normal efficiency is not as efficient as others? It sounds pompous but I pride myself with my ability to juggle multiple projects–and finishing–all at once. I’m like a Jedi Master Multi-tasker when it comes to balancing work + school + social life + extracurriculars.

What did you find the most stressful thing about graduate school during your first semester? 


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