Cohort issues


I have some issues with my cohort as a whole. Individually they are very nice people but as a cohort, I feel like we honestly all kind of suck.

I came from a small liberal arts college and went straight from college to graduate school. My liberal arts college is one of the top 20 schools in the nation and had a very rigorous coursework. So reading 300 pages for one class is pretty much normal to me. I also lived previously in the city I currently live in and my honey also lives here so I have visited it often. So in terms of school work and living in the area, I have a huge advantage in contrast to my fellow cohort. With that said, I’m still pretty irritated with how our cohort functions.

We don’t meet up for social functions very often. Even though I know most of them moved from different states (some different countries) and that they don’t have a social circle in the area, a lot of them don’t participate in the social things. Its so frustrating since I would like to get to know them outside of school and have been trying but most of them just don’t care to tell me whether they are interested or not while others say they are going to show up but then ultimately dont. I’ve now since stopped trying to have get togethers’ but its just a little frustrating when I want to get to know them.

I should print out this sign for them.

My cohort doesn’t like to speak too much in class. In discussion where its mostly just us in the class, there are many moments where silence permeates the room and I’m forced to speak. I would say at least 2 or 3 of us are “talkers”, but at the same time, at least a little participation from other people would be really great. Like I said, many of them might not be used to the coursework or are having adjustment/transition periods but it puts the “talkers’ in a really awkward place.

This is our class settings except only 2-3 people talk. Grr.

There is also a somewhat lackadaisical attitude that is prominent in my cohort. To give you an example, I was lamenting to a cohort member that I did not have as much time to do the things I wanted to do recreationally. She recommended that I “cut my reading by 50%.” I looked at her aghast and had to wait to understand what she just said. It is so irritating that there is this “whatever” attitude in my cohort. I want to be surrounded by passionate intellectuals who are driven and motivated. I told this to my advisor and she said its ok since the road to the PhD is basically a “tunnel” and that I’m “by myself” for most of it. I understand that too but I wish I had more enthusiasm from my cohort. My college was very competitive and I was always pushed to my limits in terms of studying–in the end it paid off for my first year in graduate school and I don’t feel the same way as I did before.  I am making more of an effort to hangout with other students ahead of me in the program and so far I think it is the better route.

Most of the people say I should give them some time to adjust and get used to everything but I’m still a bit irked at the cohort at times.

What are some things that annoy you about your cohort? 


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