First post and future blogs


I have been fixated on the idea of writing about graduate school since I started a month ago. However with the potential drawbacks of writing on my personal blogs, having them linked back to me and the potential risk of saying something stupid about my departments, professors, colleagues, etc., I decided to write anonymously about being a sociology PhD student.

Here are some previews of future posts. 

  • Applying to graduate school and how to decide where to go (will/may also include applying to a graduate program where you didn’t get your bachelor’s in)  Done
  • International student in the US hurdles- Done
  • International student hurdles as a graduate student– Done
  • Tips to potential sociology PhD graduate students– Done
  • Why a PhD and not a Masters? Do I really want to study for 5-6 years?– Done
  • Cohort issues– Done

Feel free to subscribe, leave a comment or give me ideas of future blogs!


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